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The High School

Students taking courses through the high school program will study with The Academy faculty, and schedules will be spread throughout the day and the week. The classes are small (on average about 4) while some subjects may just be a one to one class with an instructor. 

In their first semester, students will take more courses through the high school program to give more time to adjust to school. As students progress they will begin to add more college classes with more autonomy to sit with counselors to choose subjects they are most interested in that align with their respective goals. In order to complete the high school program, students must complete a minimum of 75 high school credits. These credits can come from either college or high school courses offered through the program. 

Starting from the application interview, The Academy staff are already learning about each student and their strengths. By starting early, we start to understand how to best help each student and build an Education Plan that will help the counselors guide students to their next stage.

Start Dates: Fall (August)

Spring (January)

Spring Second Entry (April)

Summer (June)

Small Group


Intimidated by the college system? The Academy teachers meet with students in very small (3-4) groups or individually on a weekly basis. The “sections” are designed to help students understand college lectures, assignments or address academic concerns. 



Everyone enrolled in The Academy will be required to take our Foundations course their first semester. Foundations receive high school credit and provide students with essential instruction on how to properly function in the program. Students will learn how to properly research and write college level papers, understand the basics in American education while building skills to succeed in U.S. higher education.

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