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What Students Are Saying

Students going through The Academy at MiraCosta attend more than a school. We are guardians, advisors, friends, teachers and designers. As we get to know each student, from the initial application to graduation, we are helping each one of them reach personal and educational goals. We are a family.

Don't take it from us, hear it from our students!


Debbie Oliviera (Brazil)

I have studied with the TAM team for years from high school and now finishing college. They never left my side and supported me throughout my studies. The staff knows my family and I will always come back to visit. I never felt alone through my studies here. Did I mention, I'm at UC Irvine! I love the team.


Khiem Tran (Vietnam)

I got so much support. I came with little English and got extra attention at the beginning. The staff met with me weekly to discuss my classes and my host family. I don't know of any high school program that gives this much support to its students. I'm now at UCLA and was completely prepared. Thank you guys forever!


Neda Moussavi (Iran)

Living in San Diego and meeting the TAM staff has changed my life. I have lived my best life with the encouragement of my teachers and friends. I  learned to live and learned how to study while trying everything I could. As a 16 year old coming alone, I was scared but never once did I feel alone. The team here builds a relationship with each student and creates a community of family. This is more than a school. 



Gift Angkana (Thailand)

I can't say enough about the staff and teachers at the school. They are kind on the first day to the last day. Even as I transferred to UC Berkeley I still received messages checking on me. Not only did I learn how to study properly but how to succeed once I transferred. This program is a lifestyle of learning.

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