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Host Families

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The Academy at MiraCosta places students with a local approved host family. Our student services team screens each family and visits each home regularly to  provide training to ensure that families understand the requirements of hosting our students. 

Because our staff is involved in the homestay process, we are able to effectively communicate with hosts, students, staff and faculty should there be any issues. Should students struggle in school or have communication issues with families at home, our staff is able to assist to bridge any gap to support everyone involved.

With the communication open to all academics and host families, we provide a general monthly report to parents back home. This will include positive aspects going on with each student in the program, activities planned and basic academic updates. In addition to the monthly report, the TAM staff offer a semester report providing a little more depth into each student's academic and social well-being. Families back home can get regular updates, follow us on social media or, for more specific matters, contact our staff directly. Parents will be up to date on their child's development and growth in the program.

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