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As a student in the program, students truly have the best of both worlds. The college campus offers a wide array of activities that our students can join. In addition to the campus programs, The Academy staff plans an array of big and small events, cultural and social activities and trips just for our own students. Some monthly activities include: potlucks, beach parties, gamedays, etc. 

The first week after arriving at the host family students will receive a thorough and fun filled orientation week. We understand that a lot of the administrative setup getting students ready for classes can be both exciting and boring. We plan an entire week of games and trips while mixing in all that is necessary to get student life started. They will get to see San Diego, set up bank accounts and cell phones, get classes scheduled and tour the campus. This week is important academically but socially as it is the best time to forge friendships and build our community!

Students are also taken for trips to Disneyland and/or Universal Studios, the San Diego Zoo or overnight camping. For students on a college transfer path, we plan a college tour through parts of California and have even taken some students to other states. Lastly, our high school students do not miss out on typical high school events, for those graduating, they have the option of attending “Grad Night” at Disneyland for a late night, high school student ONLY experience. 

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