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Campus Life

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As a student at The Academy, students get access to a wealth of extra curricular activities. The college offers a variety of intramural sports (recreational teams made up of students and staff that compete against each other). Each sport often will have leagues of different levels from competitive to beginner. Additionally, The Academy will create our own team for our high school students for those unable to join with another team. 

Students will also be encouraged to join on campus student organizations or even create their own. Different organizations have different missions as some offer volunteer opportunities, while others are to bring the community together to build networks through education. No matter which student club all have a unique offering that brings life to the campus. 

While the campus is always bouncing with something going on, the high school team regularly plans activities just for the high school students and trips to build our own community. There is something for everyone. 

For more information on student life at MiraCosta College, please visit 

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